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  • Convenient single 1/8″ BSP Banjo bolt connection
  • Compact design to suit small actuators
  • 1/4″ BSP mains air connection and M5 exhaust

Material Specifications

Body Black Anodised Aluminium (Dural)
Banjo Bolt Brass Nickel Plated
Jet Black Anodised Aluminium (Dural)
Seals Nitrile & Viton

Valve Specifications

Inlet Port Connection Size 1/4″ BSP
Outlet Port Connection Size 1/8″ BSP Banjo Bolt
Exhaust Port Connection Size M5
Working Pressure 0 to 10 bar
Cv Factor 0.06
Flow Rate (at 6 bar with 1 bar pressure drop) 62 l/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature +80°C
Minimum Working Temperature -20°C


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