2oo3 & 3oo4 MRCS - Pneumatrol
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  • Compact manifold designs
  • Interchangeable CNOMO interface coil units, including various hazardous area options
  • Solenoid Operator: SIL 2 on energising, SIL 3 on de energising
  • ATEX, IECEx, GOST CUTR and NEPSI coil certification
  • Individual pneumatic visual indication for each solenoid as well as for the input to and output from the whole system. This allows for visual verification that the whole assembly is working as required and full visual diagnostic of the manifold toidentify which solenoid requires maintenance, should a fault ever occur.
  • Individual solenoid isolation. This allows any single solenoid to be isolated for service/replacement while the other solenoids can continue to operate normally, which means that the solenoids can be maintained without taking the whole manifold system out of service.

Material Specifications

Body and End Caps Black Anodised 6082 T6 Aluminium
Spool Hard Anodised Aluminium PTFE Impregnated
Spacers Glass Filled Acetal
Seals Nitrile (Alternative Seals Available)
Spring High Tensile Carbon Steel
Mounting Screws Stainless Steel

Valve Specifications

Port Connection Size 1/4″ BSP
Working Pressure Internal Pilot Version 3 to 10 bar
Working Pressure External Pilot Version 3 to 10 bar
Minimum External Pilot Pressure 3 bar
Cv Factor 0.062 / 0.5
Flow Rate (6 bar inlet pressure, 1 bar pressure drop) 62 / 500 l/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature +80°C
Minimum Working Temperature -20°C