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How does the HELIS High-flow poppet solenoid valve increase cost saving with its design benefits?

The HELIS High-flow poppet solenoid valve has Cv values of between 2.5 and 70. The HELIS 3/2 pilot-operated valves help to reduce costs. This is done as there is no need to use separate direct-acting valves, air pilot valves and quick exhaust valves.

To accommodate various applications there are various port size options, ranging from ¼” to 2½”. The rapid opening/closing of the valves makes them ideal for emergency shutdown (ESD) applications.

The HELIS high-flow solenoid valve combines a large exhaust port with a hazardous area low-power solenoid. With this integration, there is no need for complex tubing and additional valves. Working pressure is 2 bar to 10 bar at temperatures between -20oC and 80oC.

The high-flow poppet solenoid valve has an integrated hazardous area solenoid valve. The solenoid valve has various ratings such as explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and safe area weatherproof coils. The housing of the HELIS high-flow valve is manufactured as standard with an anodised aluminium housing.

Design and cost of ownership

The HELIS valve has been designed to increase safety and decrease the cost of ownership for the end user. This is achieved by its clever design of using positive sealing with its inlet poppet. To further increase its lifetime the unit is self-cleaning avoiding build-up within the HELIS valve. Another feature that adds to increasing lifetime is the self-compensating valve from wear.

With all these features and robust design, the unit can operate for 10 million cycles. Reliably providing consistent response times over the life of the valve.

With the unit being developed and manufactured in-house we can offer 4/2 valve options.

What applications can the high-flow poppet solenoid valves be used in?

The HELIS high-flow solenoid valve is suitable for high-speed operations. This allows the customers to achieve both quick opening valve times and quick closing valve times. This is critical in applications where response times could lead to reduced safety risks.

The HELIS is ideal for Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESD valves). The integrated hazardous solenoid valve allows it to be used in applications such as downstream and upstream oil & gas pipelines.

The HELIS high-flow poppet solenoid valve class-leading flow rate is up to Cv70. The large flow rate and higher exhaust rate suit applications that use Scotch Yoke actuators. These increased flow rates produce faster opening and closing of the valve.

What certification does the HELIS high-flow poppet solenoid valve have?

This product is certified by TUV Rheinland. The valves are suitable for use in a safety instrumented system up to SIL 2 according to IEC61508 and IEC61511.

What options does the high-flow HELIS poppet solenoid have available?

Currently the HELIS high-flow valve can be fitted with a manual override. The manual override can be a screw type, lever type or push type. However, our manual override options are NOT currently covered by SIL Certification.

An exhaust silencer can also be added as an option. These cover both BSP and NPT thread types available for this product. Exhaust silencers options cover all standard port size options available.

External pilot available on request.


• Superior high flow up to Cv 70
• Fast response times
• Wide range of ports sizes from ¼” – 2”
• Poppet design eliminates valve stiction problems
• 10 million cycles
• Consistent response times over the life of the valve
• Certified by TUV Rheinland, the valves are suitable for use in a safety instrumented system up to SIL 2 acc. IEC61508 and IEC61511
• The following options are available on request, external pilot, normally open, 2/2 & 4/2

High-flow poppet solenoid valve benefits

Material Specifications

Body Cast Aluminium Painted Grey
Poppet Aluminium
CNOMO Base Body Anodised Aluminium
Seals Viton (HNBR option available on request)
Spring Music Wire
Mounting Screws Stainless Steel
Coil Casing & Cover ANC1B Stainless Steel Epoxy Powder Coated

Valve Specifications


Standard Port Sizes Port 1 & 2 ~ 1/4″
Port 3 ~ 1/2″
Port 1 & 2 ~ 1/2″
Port 3 ~ 1″
Port 1 & 2 ~ 1″
Port 3 ~ 1-1/2″
Port 1 & 2 ~ 1-1/2″
Port 3 ~ 2-1/2″
Port 1 & 2 ~ 2″
Port 3 ~ 2-1/2″
Flow P1 to 2, P2 to 3 (Cv Factor) Cv 1.7, Cv 3.2 Cv 6.0, Cv 8.2 Cv 19.5, Cv 27.4 Cv 44.9, Cv 74.9 Cv 57.1, Cv 77.8
Construction Design Poppet
Mounting Type Threaded In-Line
Media Filtered Air
Working Pressure 2 to 10 bar
Ambient Temperature 20°C to +80°C (Exia coil -20°C to +65°C)
Working Temperature -20°C to +80°C (Exia coil -20°C to +65°C)