Reflex Solenoid Valve - Pneumatrol
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  • Top face air connection
  • 1/4″ BSP mains air connection and exhaust ports
  • Screwdriver override as standard
  • Integrated Exhaust to Spring (ETS) feature in 3/2 position
  • Cv = 1.0
  • Built in 3/2 to 5/2 function conversion facility for spring return and double acting actuators respectively

Conversion Facility

  • The valve is fitted with a change-over plate that allows the valve to be converted from 3/2 to 5/2 function quickly and easily.
  • In 3/2 function a proportion of clean air exhausting from the actuator is fed back into the spring chamber.

Material Specifications

Body Black Anodised Aluminium (Dural)
Spool Hard Anodised Aluminium PTFE Impregnated
Spacers Glass Filled Acetal
Seals Nitrile
Spring Music Wire
Mounting Screws Stainless Steel
Change Over Plate Nylon 66 30% Glass Filled
Gasket Nitrile

Valve Specifications

Port Connection Size 1/4″ BSP
Working Pressure 3 to 10 bar
Cv Factor 1.0
Flow Rate (at 6 bar with 1 bar pressure drop) 1000 l/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature +80°C
Minimum Working Temperature -20°C