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Trusted Industrial Pneumatic Solutions

They say peace of mind is priceless and engineers everywhere understand the value of having access to certified products that can be installed easily and operate reliably with minimum maintenance.

Throughout its history, Pneumatrol has earned a reputation as a trusted problem solver extraordinaire with its vast standard range of industry-leading hazardous and safe area pneumatic solenoid valves and coils, as well as a host of bespoke solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. As well as the process industry, Pneumatrol delivers engineered pneumatic solutions for rail, energy, and industrial market sectors.

Certified Solenoid Valves for Hazardous Environments

Safety and reliability are at the core of every Pneumatrol product, with them certified to all industry lead standards. At the same time, being part of the ROSS Controls group has enabled Pneumatrol to draw on ROSS expertise to rapidly bring new products to the market.

Our class leading solenoid valves have various international approvals for various working environments. Our hazardous area solenoid valves have all been approved to leading global standards to ensure the safety and protection of the working force and assets. These include ATEX certification, IECEx certification, FM certification and CCCEx certification.

Engineered Solutions for Rail, Energy, and Industrial Markets

Values that have driven ROSS Pneumatrol from day one includes the goal of manufacturing products that combine the highest quality with maximum efficiency and performance. In the 21st century, these values have been supplemented by a commitment to create solutions that are also low-power and supportive of environment targets.

Diverse Applications in Food, Packaging, Power Generation, and More

Our current products cover a wide range of applications

  • Injection of odour into gas pipelines
  • Gas industrial turbine
  • Distilling
  • Valve Automation - Controlling the opening and closing of various valve / actuator types
  • Valve Automation - Solutions for ESD applications. (Emergency Shut Down)
  • Redundant control systems - Added safety to valve and plant operations
  • Pneumatic Safety - Internal and external monitoring
  • Electrical Safety - Simplifies safety procedures for complex LOTO systems
  • Air Preparation - Filters, Regulators, and combination units
  • LOTO - Lock out tag out
  • Low - High Pneumatic Temperature applications
  • ROSS Flex - Custom designed solutions
  • Ignition lance for industrial furnaces

Ongoing Product Enhancement for New Sectors and Applications

These applications are in multiple sectors such as food, packaging, power generation, bulk handling, distilling and more. Our engineering department are always looking at product enhancement, to allow our products to be used in new sectors and new applications. If you have not seen the appropriate application or need further information, contact us and we will be glad to see how we can assist you.

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