United Kingdom

T45 - 1/2", BSP/NPT, Namur Mount, 3/2, 5/2 or 5/3, Internal or External Pilot, Single or Dual Solenoid Compatiable with all safe and hazardous area solenoids. Material options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Brass

  • Solenoid valve designed for direct mounting onto 1/4 turn pneumatically operated valve actuators meeting ‘NAMUR’ standard fixing dimensions.
  • Valve is illustrated with dual safe area plug & socket coils.
  • Body material available in Aluminium (standard), Stainless Steel, and Brass.
  • Seal kit available – VSKT45P


  • Interchangeable CNOMO interface operators including various hazardous area options
  • Integrated Exhaust to Spring (ETS) feature in 3/2 position
  • Top face air connection
  • 1/2″ mains air and exhaust ports
  • Solenoid/spring or solenoid/solenoid functions
  • Built in 3/2 to 5/2 function conversion facility for spring return and double acting actuators respectively



Body and End CapsBlack Anodised Aluminium (Dural)
SpoolHard Anodised Aluminium PTFE Impregnated
SpacersGlass Filled Acetal
SpringMusic Wire
Mounting ScrewsStainless Steel
Change Over PlateNylon 66 30% Glass Filled



Port Connection Size1/2” BSP
Working Pressure Internal Pilot Version3 to 10 bar
Working Pressure External Pilot Version3 to 10 bar
Minimum External Pilot Pressure3 bar
Cv Factor3.5
Flow Rate (at 6 bar with 1 bar pressure drop)3534 l/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature+80°C
Minimum Working Temperature-20°C