United Kingdom

E43 - 1/2", BSP/NPT, Remote Mount, 3/2, Internal or External Pilot, Single or Dual Solenoid Compatiable with all safe and hazardous area solenoids. Material options: Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Brass

  • 5 port 2 position, pilot operated solenoid valve.
  • 5 port 3 position, spring centering pilot operated solenoid valve.
  • Valve is illustrated with an Exia plug & socket coil.
  • Body material available in aluminium (standard), Stainless Steel, and brass.
  • Seal kit available – VSK200


  • Internal or external pilot air connection
  • 5/2 – Single coil spring return function or double coil stay put function
  • 5/3 – All ports open or all ports closed in centre position
  • Convenient fixing holes to enable bracket mounting
  • Pilot exhaust dust caps fitted as standard
  • Interchangeable CNOMO interface coils, including various hazardous area options
  • SIL 2 Capable (De-energise to trip @ HFT=0) SIL 3 Capable (De-energise to trip @ HFT=1) (5/2 Solenoid/Spring Function Only)



Body and End CapsBlack Anodised Aluminium (Dural)
SpoolHard Anodised Aluminium PTFE Impregnated
SpacersGlass Filled Acetal
SpringMusic Wire



Port Connection Size1/4” BSP
Working Pressure Internal Pilot Version3 to 10 bar
Working Pressure External Pilot Version3 to 10 bar
Minimum External Pilot Pressure3 bar
Cv Factor1.2
Flow Rate (at 6 bar with 1 bar pressure drop)1246 l/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature+80°C
Minimum Working Temperature-20°C