United Kingdom

PG9 Plug & Socket, Safe area, IP66, Various Voltages Safe area use. CNOMO interface available in various materials.

  • Plug and Socket safe area coil.


  • PG.9 cable gland (cable diameter 6 – 8mm)
  • Protection class IP65 according to ENBS60529
  • Plug connector DIN 43650 – form A / ISO 4400
  • Continuously rated
  • Maximum permitted voltage variation ±10%
  • Maximum ambient temperature +80¡c
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide range of voltages available



Coil CaseZinc Alloy Epoxy Powder Coated
Plug ConnectorPolyamide +30% Glass Filled
Armature and Fixed Pole PieceMagnetic Solenoid Quality Stainless Steel
SpringsStainless Steel
Seals and SeatsViton
Coil Former30% Glass Filled PBR
Magnetic WireClass H Coated Copper



 DC Solenoid CoilAC Solenoid
Voltage Standard2424, 110, 240 (50/60 Hz)
Voltage Tolerance±10%±10%
Ambient Temperature-20 to +80°C-20 to +80°C
Duty Cycle100%100%
Degree of ProtectionIP65IP65
Electrical ProtectionPG.9 Cable GlandPG.9 Cable Gland
Power Consumption2.4W or 1.3WPull in – 9VA, Holding – 5VA
Pressure Range0 – 10 bar0 – 10 bar