United Kingdom

Rail Wiper Systems BROT Technologies pneumatic wiper systems for the rail industry.

  • Pneumatrol is the agent for Brot Technologies in the UK, who for more than 45 years has been designing and manufacturing a range of pneumatic windscreen wiper systems, including actuators, arms, blades, command modules and pumps. Pneumatic technology means that Brot equipment has a very long life cycle in keeping with the most demanding quality standards of manufactures and rail network operators.
  • Brot Technologies is also a supplier of spare parts to the maintenance departments of rail operators. Its wiper arms and blades can be adapted to all existing systems
  • More than 20000 units are in use in France and many systems are operating in the UK.


  • 30 years life for actuator
  • 10 years between services
  • 5 years minimum life for the arms
  • 2 year guarantee on the wiper blades
  • Low life cycle costs guaranteed




Blades and Arms can be adapted to all existing rolling stock.


Please contact technical sales for more information.