United Kingdom

Two out of Three (2oo3) or Three out of Four" (3oo4) voting system for both the energising and de-energising signals Design and manufacture of bespoke panels for Rail and Process sector , meeting necessary approvals.

  • Pneumatrol pneumatic linear valve actuators and control systems are designed and manufactured to operate rising stem valves such as gate valves, knife gate valves, globe valves and rising stem non-contact ball valves.
  • They are specifically engineered to meet customers requirements for a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical.
  • We have over 30 years experience in supplying high quality actuators for the most demanding applications such as turbine bypass valves, bled steam check valves, emergency shutdown valves, gas compressor anti-surge valves etc.
  • We supply to the process valve manufacturers and distributors, the major oil, chemical and civil engineering companies both in the UK and throughout the world.

Pneumatrol pneumatic control modules provide end-users with pre-determined control functionality. Air-Fail / Remote solenoid control sequence priorities. Factory set fail mode set points. Inclusive pressure regulation/filtration & isolation options.


  • ‘One-Shot Auto’ provides air-fail default position. Locks out remote control functions.
  • ‘Multi-Shot Auto’ with initial air-fail mode. Can be overridden by remote control signals.
  • ‘Multi-Shot Auto’ initial air-fail and final air-fail mode. Can initially be overridden by remote control signals, but final failmode takes priority.