The Pneumatrol Rail Brush won the ‘Innovation Award’ - Pneumatrol
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The Pneumatrol Rail Brush – working in partnership with AFT Pneumotion

The Rail Brush is a rail head conditioning system to clean rail lines. It comprises a 63 mm bore air operated single acting spring return cylinder with a brush head consisting of spring steel tines attached to the piston rod. It is bogie mounted with height adjustment to accommodate wear of the brush lines.

In response to a signal from the drivers cab, compressed air enters the cylinder extending the Rail Brush vertically downwards onto the rail. The force and scraping action of the tines cleans the rail. When the signal from the drivers cab is removed it allows the Rail Brush to fully spring retract clear of the rail.

The Rail Brush clears the rail of compressed leaves, ice, sleet, snow, sand, grease, oil, diesel, rust, water and other debris.

It Improves:
• Adhesion of wheel to rail.
• Braking efficiency and helps to avoid wheel-slide.
• Acceleration efficiency and helps to avoid wheel-spin.

Rail Brush:
• Helps to prevent increased stopping distances and delays.
• Enables track circuits to work more effectively.
• Helps to prevent signals passed at danger (SPADS) and station overruns.