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Innovative Solutions for the Rail Industry

Working in close partnership in the UK and around the world with rolling stock manufacturers as well as fleet maintenance and sub system suppliers, Pneumatrol has used its extensive technical expertise and knowledge of the rail sector to deliver a range of innovative, safe, and reliable solutions.

Unique Rail Brushes for Enhanced Railhead Maintenance

Designed to be easy and reliable to operate with minimum maintenance, the range of products include the unique Rail Brush and the GPS-related control system, as well as control valves, cylinders, and control panels for many pneumatic applications on trains.

Our unique Rail Brush has been used in many rail applications in the aid to maintain railheads and third lines to increase adhesion and help with detection. These are two of the main safety concerns faced in the rail industry globally. Our rail solutions ensure this is achieved with low maintenance, low disruption to railway schedules and compact design.

BROT Windscreen Wiper Systems for Quality and Durability

In addition, Pneumatrol is the UK distributor for BROT windscreen wiper systems, which have been designed and manufactured by BROT Technologies for more than 50 years. All BROT systems satisfy the stringent requirements of rolling stock manufacturers and railway operators for quality and durability.

Over the years we have worked closely with leading railway industry companies and have produced a variety of products to suit a wide range of applications. We specialised in the design and manufacture of high integrity pneumatic components and control systems for safety critical applications in the railway industry.

Comprehensive Range of Pneumatic Components for Rail Applications

Our current products cover a wide range of applications:

  • Third rail and overhead current collection systems
  • Hopper door operation systems
  • Track head conditioning equipment – sleet brushes
  • Brake control systems
  • Auxiliary control systems
  • Sanding control systems
  • Horn operation
  • De-couplers
  • Over height control valves
  • Saloon pressure gauges
  • Points motors
  • Wiper Systems

Contact Our Team for Tailored Rail Solutions

ROSS Pneumatrol employs a powerful team of experts, with vast experience in the Rail sector, able to help you find a solution for your goals. Whether it be a custom solution or a current product, ROSS Pneumatrol is here to provide just what you need with your business specifications in mind.

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